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Arabic Dream and Pearls of the Persian Gulf 16 Days

Medina - Buraidah - Riyadh - Al Hofuf - Dammam - Bahrain - Doha - Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Al Ain - Fujairah - Dubai

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    16 Days 15 Nights
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Arabic Dream and Pearls of the Persian Gulf
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    The Persian Gulf - Memorable and Enriching Travel Experience

    A destination that combines the allure of ancient history with the vibracy of modern life.

    A beautiful region, nestled within Arabian Peninsula, is renowned for its stunning coastlines, crystal-clear waters, full of historical and cultural heritage, ancient archaeological sites, traditional souks and grand mosques. 

    Also renowned for Shopping and Entertainment, choices of luxury or traditional with unique shopping experiences. 

    Culinary Delights, from traditional Middle Eastern cuisine to International gourment dinning. 

    It makes the Persian Gulf a must-visit destination. 


    Arrive Medina

    Dinner:Local restaurant

    Welcome to the holy and pilgrimage city of Medina! Transfer to your hotel. We are in an imposing historical destination, one of the two most sacred cities in Islam, a destination, where millions of pilgrims arrive every year and a city prohibited for non-Muslims until very recently. It is in a holy place, respect for its inhabitants and beliefs and wearing an appropriate way of dressing is required.

    After lunch we will walk around the immense Prophet´s Mosque (Al Masjid an Nabawi), an amazing and luminous mosque with 10 minarets with capacity for a million visitors, built by the prophet himself and the place where he is buried. We will visit the UHUD mountain, an important pilgrimage site, where the prophet´s forces clashed against the troops of Mecca. You can walk along its immense esplanade and climb the mountain, but remember to do so in silence and respecting the hundreds of pilgrims who will surround us any day. In the Quba Mosque, in the year 622, the prophet and his followers laid the first stone of what would be the first mosque in history, although the current building is more recent. From this point we will walk to the nearby garden and well of Ethiq, where the different tribes of the place came out to greet and give water to the Prophet and his companions who had recently arrived in Medina after his persecution in Mecca. We will then have some free time in the city center so you can stroll through its shopping areas or - if you’d like to - visit the Hejaz Railway Museum (in the old Ottoman train station).In the afternoon we will visit the Al Madinah museum about the history of the city. At dusk we will go towards the Al Masjid mosque to feel once again the emotions, when we observe the thousands of people entering at prayer time and admire the illuminations. Dinner included.


    Medina - Buraidah

    Breakfast:Hotel    Dinner:Local restaurant

    After breakfast we continue our route towards the east of the country. We cross a very sparsely populated region, desert areas with landscapes of multiple colors. Arrival in BURAIDAH, capital of the province of El Qasim with more than 600,000 inhabitants located in a large oasis. Free time for lunch. After that we will explore this city whose economy is based on agriculture of oasis products (dates, lemons, oranges, wheat). Annually, around August, a huge date market attracts numerous people from different places to buy this fruit. We will visit “the city of the date”, more or less active depending on the time of year, where we can taste this sweet fruit of the palm tree. Later, we will make a stop at the Al Oqilat Museum revealing the traditions of Arabia and the customs of the region. After that we will have time to walk through the city center with its vegetable market, its great mosque, its jewelry souks and its activity. Dinner included.


    Buraidah - Ushaiqer - Shaqra - Al Qasab - Riyadh

    Breakfast:Hotel    Lunch:Local restaurant

    Early morning we will go to see the largest Camel Market in the world, located in Buraidah - a city that also has a camel hospital. After that we continue along the ancient route of pilgrims who traveled from Iraq to Mecca, with its numerous historical cities and small oases that mark them. Arrival at USHAIQER and visit the Heritage Village, a town that was an important stop for pilgrims due to its springs and the beauty of its oasis. We will also be able to see its small museum and its Najdi architecture houses with their carved wooden doors, their beautiful windows and their triangular roofs. Lunch included. Dune desert landscapes take us to SHAQRA, a city that is growing next to its university. We will visit the well-fortified ancient city, with its picturesque old market and adobe alleys. We continue to AL QASAB which was known since ancient times for its production of salt and wheat, also for its poets. We will visit the walled city and the small saline lagoons, where 200,000 tons of salt are still produced per year. In the evening we will arrive to RIYADH, the capital of Arabia, a very active city with almost eight million inhabitants.




    Today (varying order of activities depending on time of the year) we will visit the impressive capital of Saudi Arabia. We will include the climb to the tower just over 300 m high, the “Kingdom Centre”, with its beautiful design and its “bridge-shaped” viewpoint that offers spectacular views over the city. We will also visit, surrounded by a beautiful park, the National Museum, the largest museum in the country, where we will learn about the history, culture and art of the Kingdom. After that we will visit the Masmak Fortress, the old fortress of the city, whose interior allows us to understand the incredible change that developed in this city during the last century. Next, we will have time to walk through the neighborhood, with its souks and commercial life. Free time for lunch in a shopping center - Mall - where you can choose among the various restaurants and types of food offered there.

    In the evening we will visit the Al Rajhi Mosque, the largest mosque in Riyadh with its Andalusian-style architecture, we will witness a prayer and have an introduction to Islam that will surely make us learn something about this religion.

    At the end of the day we will include a transfer and admission to Riyadh City Boulevard, full of life and activity, the attractions, the numerous restaurants with specialties from numerous countries, its live shows, and - above all - the spectacle of colorful fountains. Free time for dinner and a walk enjoying this place. Return to the hotel.


    Riyadh - Diriyah - Al Hofuf

    Breakfast:Hotel    Dinner:Local restaurant

    On the outskirts of Riyadh is the Al Turaif district, where we will visit DIRIYAH, an area declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This place housed the first capital of the Saudi dynasty and today we can discover its beauty thanks to the vestiges of its numerous palaces and the urban complex on the edge of the oasis. After that we continue our route along excellent highways towards the AL-AHSA Oasis, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, with its gardens, canals and wells. Inhabited since the Neolithic, it is considered the largest oasis in the world with its almost 3 million date palms. Arrival in AL HOFUF, the main city of the oasis. We will walk through the elegant Al Qaisariya souq, one of the oldest markets in Arabia that reflects the commercial tradition of the region and we will take an evening walk through King Abdullah Park, a pleasant park with its artificial lake and fountains that dance to the rhythm of the music. Dinner included.


    Al Hofuf - Al Qara - Dammam

    Breakfast:Hotel    Dinner:Local restaurant

    After breakfast we will visit the city. We will see the Ibrahim Palace, a historic fortress (World Heritage Site) dominated by its white mosque, built in 1556 by the Ottomans. After that we will visit “House of Allegiance”, which shows us a small palace characteristic of the oasis. We will approach the lively area, where the Mehaires Palace stands, with its numerous restaurants, shops and parks where the local population goes. Later we continue through the oasis towards AL QARA, a historical place and spectacular landscape area of labyrinths, mini-gorges and caves in the mountain, which will seem as if you were entering the mountain. The temperature is constant throughout the year and is around 25 degrees. We will also have the opportunity to visit its “Land of Civilizations” museum that describes the history of the area.

    In the afternoon we continue our route towards the Persian Gulf. We will visit the modern city of DAMMAM, the provincial capital of almost a million inhabitants. Before arrival we will make a stop at the impressive Ithra site and its very modern King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture - a rock-shaped place, architecturally very striking and that has leisure areas, museums and a library. Already in Dammam, next to the sea, we will make a brief stop to see the Khobar water tower. Following its modern promenade we will reach the Heritage Village, which in the form of a fortress next to the sea invites us to get to know the Saudi civilization. Here we discover its small museum of antique objects, including the collection of historic automobiles. Dinner included.

    Note: during the creation of this itinerary the Ibrahim Palace was closed for restoration. During the time it still remains closed, it will be known from the outside.


    Dammam - Bahrain


    After breakfast we cross the 25-kilometer Friendship Bridge, which connects Arabia with Bahrain. Border procedures. Bahrain is a small country of 765 sq. km inhabited by just under two million inhabitants that has always had great historical importance. MANAMA, arrival in the capital of the country. We include the tour of this small country. We will visit the historic neighborhood of Muharraq, where, in its pedestrian alleys, there are some of the most beautiful historical buildings in the country, such as royal residences and well-restored houses of rich pearl merchants. With our bus we will go around the corniche and include the admission to Beit Al Quran, the museum dedicated to the Koran, the holy book of Muslims. We also visit the fantastic National Museum of Bahrain, which allows us to delve into the art, ethnography and traditions of this country and understand the importance it had throughout history. Time at the mall, so you can have lunch at their food court according to your preferences.

    In the afternoon we will visit with our guide the impressive Al-Fateh Mosque, the main one in the country. After that we will leave Manama towards QALAT AL BAHRAIN, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, an impressive seaside fortress inhabited for 4000 years, although the current castle was built by the Portuguese. After that we will enter one of the most important oil production areas in the world, between refineries and pipelines we will make a stop next to the first oil extraction well opened in the country. We will also stop at the “tree of life”, which, with its more than 500 years of life in the desert, is a symbol in this country. Return to Manama, free time afterwards.

    At the end of the day we will have a walk through the Manama souq, with its active life and we will get to know Little India, a neighborhood that preserves its life and traditions, the Krishna temple and numerous small Indian restaurants, since more than 300,000 inhabitants of Bahrain were born in India.

    Note: The order of the visits can be modified.


    Bahrain - Doha


    Free time during the morning in Bahrain, you can walk through its historic center or visit one of its many museums. In the afternoon we will have a transfer to the airport to take a flight (included) to DOHA. Arrival in the capital of Qatar, transfer to the hotel. Free time afterwards.



    Breakfast:Hotel    Lunch:Local restaurant

    We discover an exciting city. In this city’s city tour we will visit the Corniche, with its line of skyscrapers and its beaches; we will get to see the very modern football stadium of Al Thumama, host of the 2022 World Cup; we will pass by the National Museum with its impressive architecture and include an entrance and visit of the Museum of Islamic Art, that houses the largest collection of Islamic art in the world. Uniting modernity and tradition we visit the Souq of the Falcons where we will understand the importance of falconry in this country; a time to walk in the Waqif Souq, built on the site of the old market remodeled to have the appearance of a nineteenth-century souk, nearby we will pass by the stables where the neighbors house Arabian horses. At lunchtime we will go to ¨The Pearl of Qatar¨ an artificial archipelago, here we will see Porto Arabia and we will have free time in Qanat, a shopping area inspired by Venice. Lunch included.

    At the end of the day we move to KATARA, a cultural village that has architectural replicas from all over the world, with several places to eat, its opera and its amphitheater.


    Doha - Dubai


    Transfer to the airport to take a flight (included) to DUBAI. Arrival at the airport and transfer to the hotel. Free time.

    In the evening we will take a transfer to see the impressive city of DUBAI that shines at night. We will go to witness the “Dubai Fountain” show, where the water dances to the rhythm of music and light. We will find ourselves at the foot of Burj Khalifa, which with its 828 meters is the tallest tower in the world. Time to walk and have dinner (at your choice) in the immense Dubai Mall. Return to the hotel.

    Note: The flight from Doha may be to Dubai or to a nearby airport (Sharjah or Abu Dhabi)




    Today we have a spectacular day exploring Dubai. We include admission to the “Dubai Frame” viewpoint, where you can enjoy the views offered by the largest photo frame in the world. After that we will go to the old area to take a walk through the Bur Dubai Souq and the Spice Souq. We will take an Abra (traditional Emirati boat) to travel to the historic neighborhood of Al Fahidi. Visit of the Center for Cultural Understanding with its slogan “Open Minds, Open Doors”. In this neighborhood we will also include, in a traditional building, a typical food of the country and if the group is more than 15 travelers, we will have an explanation about the gastronomy of the Emirates.

    In the afternoon we will pass in front of the great Jumeirah mosque. After that we will continue our city tour passing by Burj Al Arab, an incredible sail-shaped hotel, and the island of “Palm Jumeirah” in the shape of a palm tree. We will take a trip on the very modern monorail and have a walk through the La Marina area. Later we will have free time next to the most popular and active beach in Dubai, JBR beach.


    Dubai - Abu Dhabi

    Breakfast:Hotel    Lunch:Local restaurant

    We will leave after breakfast for ABU DHABI, the most important Emirate and capital of the country. Before entering the city, we will make a stop to see the outdoor areas of Ferrari World, a theme park dedicated to Ferrari, the famous racing cars. After that we will visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, a beautiful white mosque, the largest in the Emirates, with an area of more than 12 hectares, which in turn represents a point for encounters with other cultures and other religions. We will pass in front of the Capital Gate, a 160-meter-high building known for being the most inclined skyscraper in the world. From the beautiful “Corniche”, next to the sea, we will get a great panoramic view of the city. We will also visit (admission included) the Heritage Village, a place that will allow us to learn about traditional life in the Emirates. We enjoy its views, we can buy in its craft stores and visit its small museums that enlighten us about the history of the Emirates. Time for lunch (lunch included) in the city center.

    In the afternoon we include the admission to the Qasr Al Watan, the presidential palace of the Emirates, a magnificent white granite construction profusely decorated featuring its 37-meter dome and its chandelier made of 350,000 pieces of glass. After the visit we will go to the “cultural district”, where there are several museums, among which the Louvre stands out, spectacular architecture by the sea and a first-class collection. You will have the opportunity to visit one of the museums in the district or enjoy your free time in the area. Nearby is the Abrahamic Family House, where we will make a stop to see this impressive unique complex that houses a church, a mosque and a synagogue in the same space.

    In the evening we will go to The Founders Memorial, built in memory of Zayed, the first sultan of the Emirates, where The Constellation stands out with its magnificent night lighting.


    Abu Dhabi - Al Ain

    Breakfast:Hotel    Lunch:Local restaurant    Dinner:Local restaurant

    Today we leave for the fantastic oasis of AL AIN, declared World Heritage by UNESCO. After just over two hours crossing sandy deserts we enter the city, where we visit Qasr Al Muwaiji, the fortress-museum, where Sheikh Sheik Zayed, the first president of the Emirates (died in 2022), was born. Later we will visit the Al Jhaili fortress, considered one of the most representative adobe fortifications in the world. The Sheik Zayed museum will allow us to appreciate what life was like a century ago in this city. Lunch included. In the afternoon we enter the great Oasis of Al Ain. We include a ride in small electric vehicles that allow us to appreciate its gardens, palm tree plantations, and irrigation systems. Free time later, you can go shopping in its bazaars or rest by the pool of our hotel. Dinner included.


    Al Ain - Al Hayl - Fujairah

    Breakfast:Hotel    Dinner:Local restaurant

    After breakfast we will go to the Camel Market, we will be surprised by its activity (it is a market for livestock in general, sheep, goats, horses, but especially camels). After that we continue our route in mountainous areas, we travel towards the Gulf of Oman. On our route we will make a stop next to the Al Hayl Fort, next to a small oasis in a valley between mountains. We continue to FUJAIRAH, arrival and free time for lunch. In the afternoon we will explore this capital of the Emirate very close to the border with Oman. We will visit the great Sheik Zayed mosque, the second largest in the country with its 100-meter-high minarets, its adobe fortress and the Fujairah Museum that tells us about the origin of the city. A time to walk around the center. Dinner included.


    Fujairah - Al Bidyah - Khor Fakkan - Sarjah - Dubai


    After breakfast following the coast we arrive to Al Bidyah, the oldest mosque in the country - from the 15th century, built in adobe at the foot of a fortress that overlooks the sea. - After that we will make a stop in the pleasant city of KHOR FAKKAN to enjoy free time relaxing on the beach and, if you wish, bathe in the warm sea of the Gulf (changing rooms and showers available) and have lunch in one of its pleasant restaurants. The next stop will be next to the ruins of the old Portuguese castle, we will walk next to the artificial waterfall that gives us freshness and we will see the immense amphitheater built overlooking the sea.

    We continue towards the EMIRATE OF SHARJAH, whose capital has been named by UNESCO as “Cultural Capital of the Arab World”, located in a magnificent area, next to the lagoon. We will have a stop at the Al Noor mosque, considered the most beautiful of the 600 mosques that exist in Sharjah. From the outside we admire its Ottoman design architecture, walking around it we photograph (without entering) the green island of Al Noor which is accessed by bridge. Later we visit (admission included) the Sharjah Fort, an interesting fortress, today a museum about the sovereign family. We will also visit the Museum of Islamic Civilization, an excellent museum about the religion and culture of the Arab and Islamic world. After the museum, and before leaving the city, we will enjoy visiting the “Rain Room”, a modern art installation in which we walk without getting wet through artificial rain!

    Departure for the city of Dubai and arrival around 18:30 hrs.


    Dubai Departure


    After breakfast, end of our services.

    Pick Up / Drop Off / Meet Point

    Pick up Medina airport

    What's Included

    General Services: Travel by bus with English speaking guide, basic travel insurance and breakfast buffet.
    Includes arrival transfer
    Boat: Dow in Dubai, Abra in Dubai.
    City tour in : Medina, Bahrain, Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Dubai.
    Evening Transfer: Riyadh Boulevard in Riyadh, King Abdullah Park in Al Hofuf, Little India in Manama, Katara in Doha, Dubai Fountain in Dubai, The Founders Memoria in Abu Dabi, Dubai Fountain in Dubai.
    Experiences: Camel Market and date tasting experience in Buraydah, Kingdom Center Tower and introduction to Islam at Al Rajhi Mosque in Riyadh, Souk of the falcons in Doha, Monorail, Dubai Frame and explanation about the gastronomy of Emirates in Dubai, camel market and smalll electric vehicles in the oaseis of Al Ain, Rain room en Sharjah in Fujairah, Monorail, Dubai Frame and explanation about the gastronomy of Emirates in Dubai.
    Ticket admission: Ethiq Garden and Well in Medina, Oqilat Museum in Buraydah, Kingdon Center Viewpoint, National Museum, Masmak Fortress, Ryad Boulevard in Riyadh; Diriyah in Riyadh, King Abdullah Park, Ibrahim Palace, House of Allegiance, Al Qara and Al Qara Land of Civilizations museum in Al Hofuf, Khobar Water Tower and Heritage Village in Damman, Beit al Quram museum, Al Fatih mosque and national museum of Bahrain in Manama; Qalat al Barhein fortress, Al Thumama football stadium, islamic museum, and Katara in Doha, Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai, Heritage Village, Sheikh Zayed mosque, Qasr al Watan and the Founders Memorial in Abu Dabi, Qasr Al Muwaiji, Al jhaili fortress and Sheik Zayed museum in Al Ain, mosque and museum of Fujairah, Al Bidyah Mosque, Sharjah Fort and Museum of Islamic Civilization in Sharjah, Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai.
    Flights included: Manamá (Bahrain)/ Doha, Doha/ Dubai.

    12 Lunch or Dinner Included in: Medina, Buraidah, Buraidah, Al Hofuf, Dammam, Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Al Ain, Al Ain, Fujairah.

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    Balance Payment due on 45days prior to departure.


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                At time of booking confirmation:                               CAD500 or equivalent in local currency.

                45 days or more before arrival city/country              CAD500 Nil.

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                Less than 7 day or No Show                                    100% of land tour component

    No shows at the start of the trip, without prior cancellation, will not be entitled to any refund (except force majeure cases, which will be examined on a case-by-case basis).

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