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  • Start/End City:Seoul / Tokyo

    Duration:15 Days

    Product Code:31681343

    Overview: Guaranteed Departure City tour in : Seoul, Kyoto, Tokyo.Night tours visit: Myeongdong quarter in Seoul, Traditional quarter of Gion in (See more) Kyoto. Admission Tickets are included: Metro, Hwaseong Haenggung, Samsung Innovation Museum not always guaranteed; in Suwon, Hanok Village in Jeonju, Buddhist Temple in Haeinsa, Haedong Yonggung, U.N. Memorial and Yongdusan Park in Busan, Kintaikyo in Iwakuni, Itsukushima Temple, Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima, Dogo Onsen, Ishiteji Temple in Matsuyama, Shinto shrine in Kotohira, Ritsurin Garden, Naruto Brigde, Earthquake Memorial Museum in Kobe, Okuno Mausoleum,Kongobuji Temple and Ajikan or Zazen meditation in Mount Koya, Shrine of Fushimi Inari, Imperial Palace, Kinkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto, Matsumoto Castle, Zenko-ji Temple, Gomakuyo ceremony,Jigokudani Monkey Park in Nagano, Yumomi performance in Kusatsu, Nikko Toshogu Shrine, Taiyuinbyo Mausoleum in Nikko, Zojoji Temple, Meiji Temple, Sensoji Temple in Tokyo. Ferry from Korea to Japan: Busan Shimonoseki (night ferry), Hiroshima- Miyajima, Hiroshima- Matsuyama. Funicular: Matsuyama castle in Matsuyama. 13 Lunch or Dinner Included in: Seoul, Seoul, Suwon, Daegu, Busan, Hiroshima, Matsuyama, Takamatsu, Mount Koya, Tsumago, Nagano, Ikaho, Tokyo.

    Attractions Multi Days Tour Transportation Activities
    C$ 5798
  • Start/End City:Tokyo / Osaka

    Duration:10 Days

    Product Code:31681342

    Overview: Kōyō - 紅葉 - Autumn leaveColorful leaves, Japanese autunm season, starting in mid September, the "Koyo front" slowly moves southwards from (See more) the northern island until it reaches to the lower elevations of southern Japan in late November.The Japanese maple tree is different from the others, more colorful, exists in several varieties whose colors can vary from glowing reddish purple to a lighter orange. Its distant cousin, the Ginkgo biloba (銀杏 ichô), whose shades alternate between an old orange or a powerful yellow, sometimes up to a vibrant green, can also be admired.The combination of these colors result in a very impressive and vibrant display on the daytime, and an even more beautiful show at night when the foliage benefit from a light-up. 

    Attractions Day Tour Multi Days Tour Activities With Seasonal Departure
    C$ 2238
  • Start/End City:Windhoek / Windhoek

    Duration:11 Days

    Product Code:31681319

    Overview: Namibia is Africa's adventure playground. The land is illuminated by the relentless sun, all the bits and pieces reveal begging (See more) for rainfall, and the vast terrain stretches for hundreds of kilometers without any sign of human intervention. The desert, which seems to have no signs of life, seems to come to life, and travelers will be amazed by the ever-changing natural colors, especially the seemingly harsh environment, and the animals and plants that can survive in it, which really makes people feel the infinite possibilities of nature.This tour will include all the popular highlights, but also many off-the-beaten-path destinations that are rarely visited by mainstream travellers. Flexibility, willingness to participate, awareness of the essentials and a boundless desire for adventure will be indispensable to absorb what this trip has to offer.Included Highlights:Windhoek city tour - Private Namib Desert reserve - Open-vehicle game drive - Desert walk - Desert night drive - 4 x 4 trip to Sossusvlei and Deadvlei dunes - Sesriem Canyon - Walvis Bay - Swakopmund - Skeleton Coast - Cape Cross seal colony - Brandberg - Etosha National Park - Damaraland .....

    Attractions Multi Days Tour Transportation Activities
    C$ 2318
  • Start/End City:Taipei / Taipei

    Duration:8 Days

    Product Code:31681317

    Overview: Luxury tour with 5-star hotel or resort accommodationDiscover the wonders of the world’s biggest marble gorge – Taroko Gorge Enjoy a (See more) tranquil night at Sun Moon LakeDiscover the unique landform and biodiversity in Kenting National ParkEnjoy a scenic drive along the last unspoiled land of Taiwan – East Coast National Scenic AreaGuaranteed departure (from 1 guest) Hotel pick-up and drop-off is available (within city limits)

    Attractions Multi Days Tour
    C$ 1498
  • Start/End City:Cape Town / Johannesburg

    Duration:24 Days

    Product Code:31681315

    Overview: This is the Master of tours, starting at the southern point of Afica in Cape Town, "The Mother City, it (See more) offers iconic landmarks and beauty. Progressing up the west coast we travel into the wide open vistas of Namibia, through some of the biggest sand dunes on the planet, and upwards to the true wilderness of Okavango Delta, We continue onto the isolation of Makgadikgadi salt pans before going Northwards through Kasane to reach the mighty Victoria Falls. Coming down we visit Hwange with its vast elephant herds and track Rhino in Matobo. Finally crossing back to Botswana the tour end in the city of Gold - Johannesburg.INCLUDED HIGHLIGHTS:• Table Mountain• Cape of Good Hope, Cape Point• Orange River canoe trip• Dune climbing• Namib Desert• Desert night drive• 4×4 trip to Sossusvlei and Deadvlei• Etosha National Park• Okavango Delta• Chobe National Park boat cruise• Victoria Falls National Park – entry fee included• Rhino tracking on foot• Matopos National Park• Hwange

    Attractions Multi Days Tour Transportation Activities
    C$ 6458
  • Start/End City:Kuching / Kota Kinabalu

    Duration:9 Days

    Product Code:31681313

    Overview: BAKO NATIONAL PARKThe oldest National Park in Sarawak, Bako offers astonishing biodiversityMULU NATIONAL PARK Mulu national park known for its dramatic (See more) peaks and caves, including the huge, bat-filled Deer Cave.TIP OF BORNEOA stunning view at the Northern most tip of BorneoMANGROVE CRUISE Opportunity to spot wildlife on a boat cruise.KINABALU NATIONAL PARK Kinabalu national park, at 75,400 hectares, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its biological splendours.

    Attractions Multi Days Tour Activities
    C$ 2438
  • Start/End City:Singapore / Singapore

    Duration:12 Days

    Product Code:31681312

    Overview: MALACCAIts historic centre was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008. Be fascinated by its well-preserved buildings influenced by (See more) the rich Peranakan, Portuguese, Dutch and British elements, and its rich cultural heritageKUALA LUMPURA cosmopolitan and friendly capital to navigate as you behold its old City, skyscrapers, big shopping malls, green lush parks, street markets and lively nightspots.CAMERON HIGHLANDSLush tea plantations, mossy forest, and cool temperatures.  PENANG - GEORGETOWNSoak in the UNESCO World Heritage Zone, exploring the narrow lanes, old shop houses, its famous street-art scene, quaint cafes & restaurants, and lively nightlife. Partake in its delectable street food.EAST COAST – KOTA BAHRU, TERENGGANU & KUANTANStrikingly different from the West Coast enjoy the serenity of many places still undeveloped. Discover local handicrafts, sleepy fishing villages and its rich Malay culture.

    Attractions Multi Days Tour Activities
    C$ 2588
  • Start/End City:Tokyo / Tokyo

    Duration:10 Days

    Product Code:31681310

    Overview: ShoryudoA traditional route in Central Japan, "Rising Dragon Region".The region features much to delight visitors, including many hot-speing baths, locations (See more) of scenic natural beauty, areas of history and culture. The tour is for those who love traditional Japan.Visit the old & new capital of Japan, Kyoto and Tokyo, cover the traditional and modern of Japan.You will visit two beauitful cities, Kanazawa, city of crafts and Takayama, the peal of the Japanese Alps.

    Attractions Multi Days Tour Transportation Activities
    C$ 2798
  • Start/End City:Tokyo / Osaka

    Duration:10 Days

    Product Code:31681309

    Overview: The Colours of JapanLet yourself be enchanted by the thousand colours of your first encounter with Japan! We have combined the (See more) most beautiful stages for an unforgettable journey, with guide in English, private coach and super-fast trains. The modern cities of Tokyo, Osaka and Hiroshima will alternate with the more traditional Kyoto, Nara and Kanazawa. You will see UNESCO heritage sites such as the white castle of Himeji and the mountain village of Shirakawa-go. Immerse yourself in true Japanese-style relaxation in the renowned Kaga Onsen spa district and choose from several optional tours to visit Kamakura, Hakone, the green bamboo forest of Arashiyama and the mysterious alleys of the geisha district of Gion. An unforgettable journey of the colours of great emotions.

    Attractions Multi Days Tour Transportation Activities
    C$ 4098
  • Start/End City:Manila / Manila

    Duration:10 Days

    Product Code:31681308

    Overview: Philippines, a gem of destination with tropical islands, beautiful landscapes, and unending adventure.Over 7,000 islands, a perfect getaway to experience (See more) a mix of nature, culture, and fun. The geographical features of Philippines ensure that there are natural attractions wherever you go. The best beaches in Philippines, idyllic island in turquoise waters, the world's most perfect cone volcono, the smallest primate, world-class surfing spots, and centuries-old Spanish fortresses - these are but some of the attractions awaiting you on your dream vacation.Puerto PrincesaVisit the capital of Palawan, home of the UNESCO World Heritage site and famed Underground River. Travelers will have to pass through here when heading for other popular Palawan destinations such as El Nido and Coron. However, there’s more than meets the eye in The City in a Forest. You’ll be surprised to find out that Puerto Princesa has natural and cultural wonders to offer for different kinds of travelers as well. Plus, there are splendid beaches that line up its coast, too! El Nido, known as one of the best islands in the world, will open its doors for local tourists. Hop on an island adventure and check out this quick guide on the requirements, processes, list of hotels, tips, and health and safety protocols for a more convenient travel.

    Attractions Multi Days Tour Private Transportation Activities
    C$ 4438

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